Easy-to-use Bonjour Service for iOS and macOS.

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iOS 14 Update Release



Bonjour is a little service for easy communication with bonjour protocol supported devices.


  • Swift 5.2
  • iOS 11.0
  • macOS 10.13

Install via SwiftPM

.package(url: "",
         .upToNextMinor(from: "2.1.0"))

How To Use

  • Init session

    let bonjour = BonjourSession(configuration: .init(configuration: .default))
  • Start / stop session:

    // Start broadcasting
    // Stop broadcasting
  • Implement optional handlers:

    // On start receiving large package of data.
    bonjour.onStartRecieving = { resourceName, peer in ... }
    // Track large package of data receiving progress.
    bonjour.onReceiving = { resourceName, progress in ... }
    // On finish receiving large package of data.
    bonjour.onFinishRecieving = { resourceName, peer, localURL, error in ... }
    // On small package of data receive.
    bonjour.onReceive = { data, peer in ... }
    // On new peer discovery.
    bonjour.onPeerDiscovery = { peer in ... }
    // On loss of peer.
    bonjour.onPeerLoss = { peer in ... }
    // On connection to peer.
    bonjour.onPeerConnection = { peer in ... }
    // On disconnection from peer.
    bonjour.onPeerDisconnection = { peer in ... }
    // On update of list of available peers.
    bonjour.onAvailablePeersDidChange = { availablePeers in ... }
  • Send messages/data:

    // Send small package of data to all connected peers.
    bonjour.broadcast(_ data: Data)
    // Send small package of data to certain amount of connected peers.
    bonjour.send(_ data: Data, to peers: [Peer])
    // Send large package of data to a certain peer.
    bonjour.sendResource(at url: URL,
                         resourceName: String,
                         to peer: Peer,
                         progressHandler: ((Double) -> Void)?,
                         completionHandler: ((Error?) -> Void)?)

Info.plist configuration

In order for BonjourSession to work when running on iOS 14, you will have to include two keys in your app's Info.plist file.

The keys are Privacy - Local Network Usage Description (NSLocalNetworkUsageDescription) and Bonjour services (NSBonjourServices).

For the privacy key, include a human-readable description of what benefit the user gets by allowing your app to access devices on the local network.

The Bonjour services key is an array of service types that your app will browse for. For BonjourSession, the entry should be in the format _servicename._tcp, where servicename is the serviceType you've set in your MultipeerConfiguration. If you're using the default configuration, the value of this key should be _Bonjour._tcp.

If you do not configure the above keys properly, then BonjourSession won't work.


Project's license is MIT.


  • Swift Tools 5.2.0
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