Metal-Based Game Engine in Swift 🐑

Palico Engine: Metal-Based Game Engine in Swift 🐑

macOS license

platform-compatibility swift-version-compatibility

Implement a game engine on macOS using Metal API. Still in development. Currently I am working on a more capable entity-component-system MothECS :)

Palico Engine Screenshot

Palico - It is a cat-like combat companion in Monster Hunter!

This is Palico! Credits: Francesco

Palico Engine's Sprint Board on Jira (need permission request). Currently there are 65 issues in total!

🔧 Install & Run

# Clone
git clone
cd PalicoEngine

# Compile
swift build

# Run
swift run Editor

📝 User Guide

Mouse Controls:

  • Command + Left: Rotate camera
  • Right: Look around
  • Middle: Pan
  • Scroll: Zoom in/out

Keyboard Controls:

  • Tab: Select next in-scene object
  • F: Focus on object
  • Q: No action
  • W: Translate
  • E: Rotate
  • R: Scale

Create GameObject:

Palico Engine Screenshot

🍻 Dependencies

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "", .branch("main")),
    .package(url: "", .branch("main")),
    .package(url: "", .branch("main")),
    .package(url: "", .branch("update-1.86-docking")),  // forked from @ctreffs
    .package(url: "", .branch("master")),            // forked from @ctreffs

Thanks to SwiftImGui by @ctreffs I am able to use ImGui in this application.

I forked the repository and wrapped ImGui v1.86 and added new OSX backend file. Related PRs:

🥺 Future Development


  • Add skybox
  • Add shadow
  • Support PBR
  • Support deferred rendering (render pass has already been setup)


  • Load 3D models
  • Load textures in models
  • Load animation


  • Improve MothECS
  • Integrate ImGuizmo
  • Property/Inspector panel
  • Game object selection
  • Scene loading (yaml)
  • Content browser (Asset Panel)

🙏 Reference

Started by following game engine turotial series by TheCherno and wrote implementation in C++. Also check out Hazel Engine repository. It is a great learning resource!


  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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