Utilities for Hot Reloading SwiftUI apps.


Utilitiy methods for use with HotReloading or InjectionIII to make live code updates to fully functional SwiftUI Applictions.

Add this repo to your project and add the following to a source file.

@_exported import HotSwiftUI

This will make the .eraseToAnyView() method on SwiftUI.View used to erase their type available throughout the app along with the global injectionObserver variable you can observe to force the View to update when code has been injected. SwiftUI is very well suited to injection as, provided you observe the injectionObserver which has an @Published injection counter, you can rest assured your views will update as required.

In short, modify the end of your SwiftUI View body properties to look like this:

    var body: some View {
        // Your SwiftUI code...

    #if DEBUG
    @ObservedObject var iO = injectionObserver
    // or use the new property wrapper...
    @ObserveInjection var redraw

You need to do this for all view properties you'd like to inject and have refesh on injection which is a bit tedious but the InjectionIII or HotReloading app can make these changes automatically using the "Prepare Project" Menu Item. You can check in these changes as, in a "Release" build, these functions compile to a null operation.


  • Swift Tools 5.2.0
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