A Swift wrapper for C libraries libopenblas-dev and liplapack-dev for Linux

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A Swift wrapper for the C libraries libopenblas-dev and liblapack-dev. They provide various matrix and hardware accelerated linear algebra operations. On MacOS, this functionality is provided by Accelerate. However, Accelerate does not run in Linux environments. Hence, COpenBlas. Currently, COpenBlas only supports 64-bit arm Linux environments. I don't have any other machines to test on, so if you download it and it won't compile, module.modulemap probably needs an entry with the correct header for your environment.


  • In your Package.swift, add .package(url: "", from: "1.0.0") (or whatever version you want to use) in the dependencies array. Then, in the dependencies array for each target, add COpenBlas.
  • In any file you want to use BLAS or LAPACK functions, add the following to your imports:
#if os(macOS)
import Accelerate
import COpenBlas
// Optional
private typealias __CLPK_integer = Int32

Accelerate only exists on Mac, but COpenBlas only exists on Linux. The __CLPK_integer typealias is defined by Accelerate. If you use it, you may need to define it yourself. WARNING: I think Int32 is the correct type, but it may depend on environment, so I'm not sure.


  • Swift Tools 5.1.0
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