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Pusle 4.2.7


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  • Remove usage of APIs requiring iOS 17 at runtime by @hallee in #265

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Pulse is a powerful logging system for Apple Platforms. Native. Built with SwiftUI.

Record and inspect logs and URLSession network requests right from your iOS app. Share logs and view them in Pulse Pro or use remote logging to see them in real time. Logs are stored locally and never leave your devices.


Pulse is not just a tool, it's a framework. It records events from URLSession or from frameworks that use it, such as Alamofire or Get, and displays them using PulseUI views that you integrate directly into your app. This way Pulse console is available for everyone who has your test builds. You or your QA team can view the logs on the device and easily share them to attach to bug reports.

Pulse is not a network proxy. If you need one, check out Proxyman.

Getting Started

The best way to start using Pulse is with the Getting Started guide. There are many ways to use it and to learn more, see the dedicated docs:

Pulse Pro

Pulse Pro is a professional macOS app that allows you to view logs in real time. The app is designed to be flexible, expansive, and precise while using all the familiar macOS patterns. It makes it easy to navigate large log files with table and text modes, filters, an all-new network inspector, JSON filters, and more.

Minimum Requirements

Pulse Swift Xcode Platforms
Pulse 4.0 Swift 5.7 Xcode 14.1 iOS 14.0, tvOS 15.0, watchOS 8.0, macOS 12.0
Pulse 3.0 Swift 5.7 Xcode 14.1 iOS 14.0, tvOS 14.0, watchOS 8.0, macOS 12.0


Pulse is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


  • Swift Tools 5.6.0
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