Map localizations from a reference to your code.

What's New

LocMapper 1.3.9


First non-happn release 🙂


Mapping translations from a source of truth to your code.

Localization Process:

  • Refresh the local DB with the reference translations in the drive. Currently you have to download a CSV from the drive and import it in your local DB with File -> Import Reference Translations… In the future, there will be a Refresh Reference Translations… menu entry, which will ask you to login to the drive provider the first time it's used, then will automatically fetch and merge an up-to-date translations from the drive.
  • Refresh the known keys and keys structure in the local DB. Use File -> Import Key Structure from [Xcode|Android] Project… for this. This command parses the keys in the Xcode or Android project and import it in the local DB. Any previous key in the local DB not in the project is removed from the local DB. New keys will have a value of TODOLOC (until either they're mapped or an actual value is set).
  • Filter shown keys to only show unmapped & TODOLOC keys. Map or fill the keys.
  • Export the local DB to your project. You're done!


  • Swift Tools 5.5.0
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Last updated: Tue May 21 2024 22:12:24 GMT-0900 (Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time)