Microtonal Tuning Tables for AudioKit

What's New

Version 5.2


This is the first version of this package as a stand-alone extension to AudioKit. Prior to this it was included within AudioKit, so we are starting with version 5.2, which reflects the version of AudioKit at which the code separation occurred.

Microtonal Tuning Tables for AudioKit

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These tuning tables were developed by Marcus Hobbs and used in the AudioKit Synth One iOS app.

Installation via Swift Package Manager

To add MicrotonalAudioKit to your Xcode project, select File -> Swift Packages -> Add Package Depedancy. Enter https://github.com/AudioKit/MicrotonalAudioKit for the URL.


  • TuningTableETNN: helper object to simulate a Swift tuple for ObjC interoperability
  • TuningTableDelta12ET: helper object to simulate a Swift tuple for ObjC interoperability
  • TuningTable: TuningTable provides high-level methods to create musically useful tuning tables
  • TuningTableBase: TuningTableBase provides low-level methods for creating arbitrary mappings of midi note numbers to musical frequencies The default behavior is "12-tone equal temperament" so we can integrate in non-microtonal settings with backwards compatibility


  • Swift Tools 5.3.0


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